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Sound Designer | SFX Artist & SFX Editor


My name is Simone and I'm a sound designer specializing in creating and editing sound effects for film, TV, and video games.

I was born and raised in Italy and I've always been deeply passionate about sound in all its aesthetic and expressive forms, which is the reason why I decided to study and pursue a career in audio art and technology.

I studied Sound Engineering at the Conservatory of Music "Licinio Refice" in Frosinone (Italy), where I received a Bachelor's degree with a thesis on sound for film in 2018 and a Master's degree with a thesis on sound for video games in 2020, both with honors and an honorable mention.

In 2019, I started working as a sound effects editor for film and television, gaining experience primarily in animated TV series and films and developing excellent flexibility and versatility in terms of the ability to adapt to various film styles, languages, and genres.

In 2022, I also began creating my own sound effect libraries for sound design, available at this link and on the Soundly Pro platform, and working as a sound designer in Tiny Bull Studios, an indie game developer based in Turin (Italy).

If you're looking for a captivating and enthralling auditory experience and a richly detailed and nuanced soundscape to best support your story, let's get in touch!


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